UPDATE: June, 2011

Soon ALL corporations will
need to re-register under a
COMMON LAW Charter .....


under Common Law

Some unique features of this custom charter
  • It is suitable and adaptable for all denominations, faiths and creeds, being based on spirituality.
  • This is probably the ONLY charter that specifically includes the authority of the Church to appoint officers as a corporation sole.
  • The Charter comes complete with BYLAWS. No other documents are required..
  • The church may consist of a single congregation, or multiple congregations, or can expand at a later date to multiple congregations without further documentation.
  • The common law church is formed under Divine Guidance, under ecclesiastical rather than statute law.
  • We provide a comprehensive doctrinal statement, but you may like to provide us with your own.
  • We detail your purpose in general terms, but tell us specifically what your main purpose will be so that we can be sure that it is adequately covered.
  • There are MAJOR changes coming up for traditional churches and all religions. This document will keep you uptodate regardless. If your present Charter is NOT under Common Law, but rather under Statute Law, you will be required in the very near future to re-register.
  • An Apostille form is included in the documentation, to the exact requirements of the Hague Convention.
  • The Articles of Assembly and Charter take up a mere 10 pages, including all signatures, yet contain all the necessary information to meet all requirements, internal and external.
  • There are NO grammatical nor spelling errors - such faults can be a stumbling block in a court of law. [Some that I have seen in other offerings are downright embarassing]
  • Some other relevant information:-
    • The term "church" in Christianity does not refer to 'bricks and mortar' - it refers to the people! ..... a Spiritual Assembly.

    • "Separation of church and state" doctrine: the U.S. government is expressly forbidden to pass laws re the church in the Constitution. But, yes, there are such "laws" and they are unconstitutional! The First Amendment to the United States Constitution reads, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof .....

    • Most offerings on the internet provide you in effect with a "State Church" - most undesirable.

    Dr Milson Macleod, Copyright August 2008
    Dr Milson Macleod

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