The independent CHURCH CHARTER

Structure Your Church Correctly


The Charter may be written up for any country
although these notes apply specifically to churches in U.S.A.

Many churches in USA have been misled into organizing under 501(c)(3)
which automatically makes them a church under Government control.

The IRS does not have any rules governing a church - only an organization.
so do not become an organisation!

A Church is a SANCTUARY - An 'organisation' is not!

A valid Church has always been a legal refuge from persecution.
Persecution, as you know, still exists today!

To apply for a custom-made,
Common Law


Read about the unique provisions of this Charter

E-Mail us the following information:

  • The NAME of the church or spiritual assembly
  • The legal jurisdiction in which you operate (state, province, territory)
  • The PHYSICAL ADDRESS from which it will operate
  • The DATE of founding (under this charter)
  • The TITLE of the principal - Minister, Pastor, Chaplain, Superintendent or ?
  • The full legal name of the PRINCIPAL
  • The Name of the SECRETARY (second signatory)
  • The Name of the TREASURER (or third signatory)
  • The titles of OFFICERS other than Secretary and Treasurer, if any
  • Your PURPOSE (we provide a comprehensive statement) - if special
  • DOCTRINAL STATEMENT (we provide one that is all-encompassing, but tell us specifically what you want to do - it might be healing?)
We can help you on any of these individual questions.
The existence of the Church must be publicised in the press or on the internet three times.   You will most likely find our offer to publish the required NOTICE more economical than newspaper prices. The charges in US funds are shown below:
Creation of a custom charter for your church: $1,000
Publication of required NOTICE on the Internet: (represents a 50% discount)    $150
(* there are special rates if you also order a corporation sole at the same time)

We repeat: The church is a sanctuary if it is non-licensed.

You should read carefully the conditions imposed in USA on any church that registers under 501(c)(3) and see whether you can honestly consider that to be of benefit to any spiritual assembly. This is the trap that is set for the unwary.

How easy it is to be tricked into falling into the grasp of government, and there are so many advisors and leading Churchmen who will try and persuade you that this is what you should do. Listen to a leading evangelist ........ Billy Graham stated that the United States of America is not a Christian Nation.

But this was not the first time that that has been stated. The Tripoli Treaty of 1797 between the US and the Barbary States, unanimously approved by the US Senate on June 10, 1797, specifically states (Article 11) that the US is NOT a Christian nation. At that time, the US government was still dominated by those who are referred to today as the "Founding Fathers".

Read also the script from a televised interview by David Frost with Billy Graham on May 30, 1997.

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